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Monument Valley is an impressive puzzle game for android phones. It is a complicated game with a lot of amazing features. The game is completely based on imagination, fantastical architecture and impossible geometries. In the game, you have to guide a silent process through stunning monuments. The game is available on play store and has 4.8 user rating. But the problem is it is a paid game there. So, we are sharing the latest version of Monument Valley Apk for free. The game is developed by Ustwo Games and already has over 1M + downloads. With the Monument Valley free download, explore a new world of puzzle gaming on Android.Monument Valley Apk Download Latest Version For Android

If you love to play puzzles games then Monument Valley is the best choice for you. When it comes to finding out the best-paid game in the Puzzle category, you can easily answer MONUMENT VALLEY within seconds. Well, it’s not a good news that it is a paid game. Many people wish to download and play it on their own smartphone but because of lack of money, nobody goes for it. But, what if somebody can provide you this game for free? It will be like a heaven for you, right? Well, we are going to do the same. We have purchased this game from play store and now sharing it with all of our readers. It will not charge you a single penny for it, it’s totally free and official game.

Download APK

Features Of Monument Valley

Monument Valley APK is very much popular among Android users. More than 1 million people have installed it in their phones and have given it 4.8 user ratings. This is because of the awesome features it provides to all of its users. Below we are sharing some of its best features. So, without taking much time let us check out Monument Valley’s key features.

  • An amazing and challenging puzzle game for android phones.
  • You have to guide a silent princess to a beautiful world.
  • Has awesome sound effects and stunning visual graphics.
  • Travel through complicated structures.
  • Twist and drag to reshape the world and help Ida to explore.
  • You can also save your progress and then continue the game on another device by synchronizing data.
  • The latest version has eight new chapters of puzzle and illusion.
  • You have to face optical illusions and fight with the spirit of dead people.
  • A lot of more features are waiting for you.

I am sure you are speechless after checking all the features of the Monument Valley Apk. Yeah, the game consists of all these amazing features with a lot of more features. After reading its features, a true games lover could not resist himself from playing the game. These features are the reason why people love to play this game. More than 1 Million people have purchased this game from play store which says it all. Are you eagerly waiting for the download link of the game? If yes then move ahead and check out the requirements needed to install this game.

Version Info

GAME NAMEMONUMENT VALLEYDeveloperUstwo GamesSize27 MBVersion2.5.18Download NowClick hereAndroid Version4.1 And AboveInstalls1,000,000+CategoryPuzzle Games

Download Monument Valley APK Latest Version For Free

If we download Monument Valley from play store, we have to pay Rs.260 to download it. But today you can download it for free from the link given below. Maybe you have got disappointed by opening too many websites on the internet, but none of them shared the working download link. Many of them have shared older version which asks to update again and again. So, we are going to solve all of your problems regarding this game. We are sharing Monument Valley APK latest version free download. Just click on the below link to download the game.

So, have you downloaded the game successfully? The download will get started within seconds just after clicking on the download button. I hope now you have had the latest Monument Valley APK. We will keep updating the download link whenever a new version of the game rolls out. Till then experience this awesome puzzle game. If you are facing any issues in downloading, feel free to comment below. We will surely help you out. Now let us discuss some more about the Monument Valley and have a look at its features.

Requirements To Play Monument Valley

Monument Valley apk has a lot of exciting features. But it is a premium apk and costs Rs. 260 for download. That’s why a lot of people search for Monument Valley Apk Free Download. We are sharing the apk for free today. But you need to fulfill some requirements to download the game. So. let us check out the things required to download and install Monument Valley game on Android.

  • An Android phone Android OS version 4.0 or higher.
  • Monument Valley APK. [You can get it for free from the download link given in the download section above.]
  • Minimum 1 GB RAM on your android phone.

These are some basic requirements for playing Monument Valley on your smartphone. Let me ask, is there anything special in this list? I am sure your answer is No. Still, we have shared this list just to solve your confusions. Along with all the above things, you can easily download and install the Monument Valley APK for free. Well, I am pretty sure you are ready with the requirements mentioned above. Without consuming more time, head to the guide to download and install Monument Valley apk.

How To Install Monument Valley On Android?

When you have downloaded the apk file from the download section above, you have to follow the below steps to install Monument Valley on your phone. It is a very easy process to install android games. But a lot of people download apps directly from play store. Due to this, they don’t know how to install android apps manually. So we are sharing the step by step guide to install Monument Valley APK below.

Before installing the apk, you have to first enable installation from unknown sources in your phone. For this follow the below steps.

1. First of all open Settings of your phone from the menu.

2. After opening Settings, hit Security option there.

3. You will see a lot of option there. Enable the Unknown Sources option there.

That’s it. Now you can easily install apps from third-party sources on your phone. Let us move ahead to the steps to install the apk.

4. Download Monument Valley apk latest version in your phone from below link.

5. Open the file manager and navigate to the folder where you have saved the file. Tap on the file to install it.Install Monument Valley

6. Now click on Install. The installation process will start and it will take a few minutes to complete.Installation Started

7. When the app is installed successfully, hit Open to play the game.Monument Valley

That’s it. In this way, you can easily install and play Monument Valley on your android. I hope you understood all the steps. There is nothing special in the guide. It is a simple 4 steps process. Also, we have explained all the steps with screenshots.  So, what you are waiting for? Download, install and play the Monument Valley now.

So, this is how to install Monument Valley App on Android. Well, these are the basic steps which you need to follow for installing any APK file on Android. There is no need to share these steps as most of us know them already. But, there are many people who generally, install apps directly from Google Play Store. They don’t have any idea of APKs, so we have made it easier for them to understand the process. Also, we have attached Screenshots too for each unique step. You can take the help of this tutorial if you are facing any issue in the installation process.

In Monument Valley you will manipulate impossible architecture and guide a silent princess through a stunningly beautiful world.

Monument Valley is a surreal exploration through fantastical architecture and impossible geometry. Guide the silent princess Ida through mysterious monuments, uncovering hidden paths, unfolding optical illusions and outsmarting the enigmatic Crow People.

Ida’s Dream now available.

Forgotten Shores: Eight new chapters of adventure and illusion available now as a separate purchase.


“One of the very finest hours, and the value of such a thing is incalculable” – Kotaku

“Brilliant design… stayed with me like a dream I didn’t want to forget… 9/10” – Polygon

“Monument Valley stuns with its serenity… each screen is a work of art” – Huffington Post

“Almost impossibly gorgeous… a feast for your senses… 5/5” – Touch Arcade

“Monument Valley is the most elegant game I have ever played” – Tim Schafer



Inspired by minimalist 3D design, optical illusions and palaces and temples from around the world, every monument is a unique, hand-crafted world to explore.


Twist and drag to reshape the world and help Ida to explore. Designed to be easy for everyone to pick up, enjoy and complete.


Audio reacts to your manipulation of the world to provide a surreal and beautiful soundscape. Best experienced with headphones.


Synchronize your game across all your devices.


Monument Valley is optimised for both tablets and phones.

I’m going to introduce you to a zombie survival game. Yes, exactly is the zombie. This topic is still being exploited for the games I have shared in previous articles, and I was very excited when the survival game of the famous publisher PIKPOK was further developed to release the sequel Into the Dead 2 in the series.

Into the Dead has made many gamers in the world have to be amazed to the combination of shooting and survival, creating a 3D game extremely attractive. And perhaps the return of Into the Dead 2 will be a long step in the history of PIKPOK.

The story

Into the Dead 2 brings the player into a world where strange plagues turn many people into zombies. They are always looking for ways to attack and eat the survivors. At this point, James is on his way to find his wife – Halen, who trapped in the area surrounded by a lot of zombies. James’s truck collided with zombies and caused him to lose control, his car was overturned and James was surrounded by zombies.

Fortunately, James is okay. He escapes from the truck and retrieves a picture of himself and Halen. Suddenly, the zombies emerge from the smell of humans, and they rush in and attack him. There is still a gun, he shoots them, trying to keep in touch with Halen and trying to run in the ruins with the hope of getting rid of the zombies and finding the one they love: Halen.


Rarely has a zombie survival game designed in the FPS like Into the Dead 2. As James, the player will have to do everything to be able to find Halen and return home before it’s too late. Players can control their characters to avoid the zombies ahead while moving forward is automatic. If you can not avoid the zombies, you can use your weapons to attack them.

Initially, players will be given a shotgun according to the plot, later the player can unlock more powerful weapons. Remember that the amount of ammunition in the game is extremely limited, you can get random ammo during the move to add firepower to yourself but still need to save. If you use all of it, run out of ammunition quickly, you will soon experience death when the zombies arrived.

The game has 7 chapters, including more than 60 levels and numerous challenges with increasing difficulty. The story in the game is flexible, can change depending on the player’s progress.


Aside from just running away from the zombies, you also need to pay attention to the quest system for reward. It is possible to kill 5 zombies at once, collect all ammo along the way or lose no bullets. The mission system will help you get more excited and not be bored when playing.

In addition, you can upgrade your weapon to increase your damage, speed, and reload speed, and upgrade your tank.

And you can also have a companion dog, protecting you from the zombies and fighting them.


In Part 1, Into the Dead’s 3D graphics are only available in black and white. In Into the Dead 2, the game has been dramatically improved with color enhancements and improvements in detail. However, in this colorful world, the horrible zombies and the gloomy atmosphere of the world are entering a period of decline.

The sound of Into the Dead 2 is also carefully crafted, allowing the player to feel the chills of the cold when confronted with zombies. Run or be killed.


Into the Dead 2 is a survival game for those who love shooting genres. I had to wait quite long before I could enjoy this game on the phone. Into the Dead 2 owns beautiful graphics, dramatic gameplay, and a humorous storyline. Game speed is quite high, as well as many types of support equipment. In the future, Into the Dead 2 will probably be improved to open new game modes.

With support for iOS, and most recently support for Android, you can play Into the Dead 2 wherever you like. Here is the links to download Into the Dead 2, including the MOD version.


Depending on your needs, you can download Into the Dead 2 MOD APK or Into the Dead 2 Original APK. Or install from Google Play / App Store if you want.

Run away from the zombies

On the way to play, like the first one is the attractiveness has increased significantly. With more varied and enriched weapons, you will be able to overcome the zombie’s challenge like Damage, defeat the zombies by cutting, … to continue to the finish line. You have to remember, and just remember that in the world, you are running – in Into the Dead, no one is safe, the problem is how long you will live and the distance of your run? And do you have a mission to save your family? That’s all. Use weapons, equipment, skills and kill the dangers and run – non-stop.

Into the Dead 2 is a collection of a variety of features and a fascinating storyline with continuous storytelling and clear storyline. Specifically, there are 7 chapters with 7 stages corresponding to the family rescue journey of the character. With a total of 60 gates, 60 challenging tables and hundreds of other trivial challenges. Wow! It sounds pretty dangerous and tough. But do not worry too much. With the powerful weapon system and complementary weapons, you will overcome the challenges in a more comfortable and attractive way. Each time you pass through, you will have the opportunity to unlock and upgrade weapons to higher levels such as ranged weapons, guns, explosives and a variety of other weapons.

7 chapters and more than 60 different regions

With a simple design from the game to the game, Into the Dead 2 makes you feel good with ease and ease in the fight. By playing a variety, not bent, running along the slaughter of zombies while trying to avoid the threat from them. Whatever. Make sure you survive and keep running. Along with that, a host of features such as a variety of role-playing environments with different battle locations will give you the opportunity to experience different battles with your own personal touches. Tactical adjustments to destroy various threats such as old, deadly zombies, newborn zombies …; Then the daily event mode – an opportunity for you to demonstrate your great skills; Provide the dog specialists with you throughout the journey, … All these features are factors that constitute and create the identity of Into the Dead 2.

Sum up

Are you convinced enough to experience Into the Dead 2 MOD yet? Keep in mind a little more before deciding on this game, be mindful of the external memory access requirement to ensure you can experience smooth boot and silent gaming at most possible offline. Play free games, unless you want to buy a few items in the game with real money offline. Come to Into the Dead 2 right now.

MOD Info

  • Unlimited money
  • VIP Purchased

The world has been manipulated and no one has the guts to stand against the enemy who is looking forward to exert it’s dominance and exploit the humanity for its own benefit. This is when the world looks up to a hero who shall do everything in his power and will restore peace to this world. Such is the adventure and thrill of being a hero and a lot of android gaming apps out there let you experience what it feels to step into the shoes of the hero and we shall help you by suggesting you the best possible gaming app in order to give you the best gaming experience.

The game directly makes you the leader of a small specialised team of commandos where you main aim is to take down the monster known as Tetra corp who have only one aim which is to dominate the world and control and exploit the humans. Using the state of the art weapons and skills, you must eliminate everything that shall be put forth your way and lead your squad to victory and restore the peace. You are the last option and the entire town looks up to you so it’s either do or die.

We shall use this article to provide the user with the necessary information about the Cover Fire Mod Apk, the basic requirements for downloading the mod apk and most importantly the exclusive download link that shall provide you with a guaranteed access to latest version of the Cover Fire Mod Apk.

Features of the Cover Fire Mod Apk:

  • Android gaming apps nowadays are restricted to the availability of high speed internet connection which shall support the smooth functioning of the high quality graphics. But this limits the usage of the mod apk to the high internet connection. The makers made sure that this is not the fate with the game and therefore they designed the gameplay to be such that it can be used by anyone without the compulsion of the internet with the same high quality graphics.
  • The game provides you to prove your worth as the top player of the game by introducing the concept of tournament mode where you get to be a shooting veteran who shall compete in one on one battles with the top players from all around the world. So continue to play the offline gaming modes and sharpen your skills and be prepared to stand up against the best there is to offer. The journey to the top of the mountain will not be easy but will be worth it.
  • When you are up the top and the most powerful and influential enemy, you must be prepared with the best. This is exactly what the makers intended to do by giving the gamer the complete responsibility for building the right squad. This is why you need to come up with the perfect plan to take down your enemy and build the right squad consisting of the right hacker, sniper and the assault man. You don’t know what you are in for so it is better to be prepared.
  • There is a going concern with the modern day android gaming apps which is the user getting bored because of the continuous gaming and lack of fresh content. The makers being completely aware of this fact ensured that the game does not belong in this category by providing the user with the maximum possible variety of guns you can choose from anything ranging from rifles to the fierce machine guns.
  • The major turning point for any Android gaming world is the user interface which is the ease with which the user can use the basic features and gameplay. This is why the makers shall provide the user with one of the most simplest gameplay where all the user has to do is to pull the android screen and you will simply control the gun. This means that the user can enjoy irrespective of the technical knowledge of the user.

What’s more in the Cover Fire Mod Apk?

A game revolving around survival in a dynamic, adventurous and thrilling environment cannot be done justice by the basic version of the game which provides nothing in addition to the basic stuff. Instead we should choose the mod apk which comes with the advantage of getting never ending money that shall translate into infinite without worries shopping of the best of the equipment from the store. The latest equipment shall increase your shot at victory and will make the gameplay even more engaging and interesting. Using it you can become the top player of the game. Thereby making the Cover Fire Mod Apk a preferred choice than the normal game.

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Cover Fire Mod Apk File Information:

App NameCover Fire
File Size31.2 MB
Latest Versionv1.10.6
Operating SystemAndroid 4.1 and Above
DeveloperGenera Games
Last Updated OnDecember 14, 2018

How to download and install the Cover Fire Mod Apk?

  • Click on below download button to start downloading of Cover Fire Mod Apk.

Download Cover Fire Mod Apk 1.10.6

Download Cover Fire OBB

  • Click on OK and this shall initiate the download process for the mod apk.
  • When the entire download process will be completed, the user will be taken to the installation page of the mod apk.
  • Click on Install and the android device will finish the entire installation process.
  • Extract OBB file to sdcard/Android/obb.

Lead your band of heroes to a war against Tetracorp corporation. Build your own strategy in the battlefield and attack your enemy from all sides. Visit the huge arsenal and use powerful weapons and level up your soldiers with unique skills. Limitless action in the best shooter game for mobile and tablet. Do you accept the challenge?

Are you the hero the human race needs?

– The new experience of definitive battle. Join the resistance in this Cover Fire episode full of bullets, machine guns and enemy armies eager to kill you. Take your weapon and lead this revolution like a real war hero!

– Pioneer controls that brings you a UNIQUE immersive SENSATION. Connect directly your finger to the trigger. PRESS and SHOOT!

– HD graphics with detailed scenes, full of particles and grapeshot. DESTRUCTIBLE ENVIRONMENTS. Everything interact with the player.

-Move like a real veteran soldier thanks to an ORIGINAL and immersive cinematic. Engross yourself in a frenetic and dynamic adventure with NON STOP ACTION. Don’t stop shooting.

-Face the battle from different perspectives. Alternate among your mercenaries in REAL-TIME, find the ultimate combination to end this menace.

– Supply yourself with a HUGE real-captures-based ARMAMENT. Faithful mechanics and characteristic sounds of each gun. You have never seen something like this in shooter games.

-Set up your AVENGERS squad with their unique skills. Choose diverse roles: hacker, sniper, demolition man… Unlock new EPIC characters. Have you ever seen an inflatable dinosaur on the battlefield?
The TETRACORP megacorporation is occupying several areas over the planet suppressing the villages, taking over their resources, and controlling every single communication. A new resistance has born and it’s time to eradicate this menace.

Hear the calling. Set your team of mercenaries. Start the journey to battle, prelude of the biggest war the earth has ever seen so far. Soon, you will realize that the investigations in Tetracorp goes further than simple totalitarianism. The discovery of a new material, the element 115, it can decide the fate of the mankind and it can not fall in the wrong hands.

In Cover Fire you will be the hero in charge of set an end to this potential holocaust. Lead your squad of avengers through sieged cities, inhospitable deserts and fields taken by guerrillas, and defeat diverse kind of enemies in the war game with the biggest graphic and armament unfolding available on mobile.

The ultimate war experience. Totally intuitive controls designed to create an entirely immersive sensation. Take cover, aim, press and eliminate this hazard.

As the leader of the rebellion, you will face the rough army of the enemy corp: Implacable elite soldiers, lethal special units, mechanical experiments with impenetrable shields… Take the control of the situation, deal with the conflict as a real war machine. Become the legend of this rebellion.
– Absorbing story mode based on the original “Cover Fire” comic, with more than 60 missions and challenging showdown with the platoon bosses. Eradicate the menace of Tetracorp and lead an uprising. Many chapters with hundreds of possibilities and hours of gameplay.

Hey, guys, this is Yogi Today I came up with another amazing clash of clans private server that you will love to install and play clash of clans with full freedom and with many other amazing features too, yes I am talking about the clash of null private server.

Clash of Clans is a Strategic War based game in this you have to build your castle on your village and this is a time-consuming game as in this game you have to regularly check your village for Gold, Elixir and for other products you have to manage the troops and building so why to do all and cry for gold and elixir when you can get all using clash of null.

Despite regularly playing the original Coc game like a headless chicken for Gold, Elixir, Dark Elixir try playing using Clash of Null you will love it.

You can play Coc using Null private server Apk but with Unlimited Gold, Unlimited Elixir and much more some of its feature is discussed below must read them before directly downloading the game playing Coc game with clash of null hack download is very much easy just make sure you read the full article so you can get maximum from the amazing clash of clan private server.

Clash Of Clans Mod Apk Features

● Journey to the Builder Base and discover new buildings and characters in a new mysterious world.● Battle with all new troops, including Raged Barbarian, Sneaky Archer, Boxer Giant, Bomber, Cannon Cart, and the new Hero Battle Machine.● Go head to head with other players in the new Versus battle mode.
● Join a Clan of fellow players or start your own and invite friends.● Fight in Clan Wars as a team against other players across the globe.● Defend your village with a multitude of cannons, bombs, traps, mortars, and walls.● Fight against the Goblin King in a campaign through the realm.● Plan unique battle strategies with countless combinations of spells, troops, and Heroes!● Friendly Challenges, Friendly Wars, and special events.● Train unique troops with multiple levels of upgrades.

Clash of Clans Mod Apk:

Here comes the main part you’ve been waiting for.

Now, everyone who plays Clash of Clans knows that it takes years to build and grow village, am I right?

Either you collect gold, elixir, dark elixir and upgrade your village or buy gems and make it easy for you. But, gems are expensive, right?

So, what could be the solution to this problem? Mod this.

Download the Clans of Clans Mod Apk from the given link below.

Advantages of Downloading Clans of Clash Mod Apk:

  • Unlimited Gold: Are you tired of attacking many times just to collect resources such as gold so that you could upgrade defence? Well, if that’s the case then you don’t have to worry about such stuff because Mod Apk version has offered Unlimited gold, spend as much as you like.
  • Unlimited Elixir: Just as gold, even elixir is unlimited, upgrade any barracks or troops with worrying.
  • Unlimited Dark Elixir: You can upgrade heroes, troops with the help of dark elixir and unlimited stuff will make you do that easily.

Unlimited gems:

Gems are expensive, right? What if we make it up for you in free! Sounds delicious, right? Yes, the gems are unlimited so, use as much as you want.

The game will never be too long to play after this upgrade.

Download the game From the given button which is available here and up as well.

Looks Amazing?

  • 1 Features of Clash of Null:
  • 2 Null Private Server APK {No Root Needed} Latest Update 2019:
  • 3  Download Latest Clash of Null Apk: 
  • 4 Overview of Clash of Null Private Server.
  • 5 Clash of Null Commands:
  • 6 Related Posts:
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  • 8 Like this:

Features of Clash of Null:

Before Directly downloading the game why not to look at its features first to become familiar with the game. Null Private server is available for both Android and IOS users even Desktop users can also enjoy playing the game, first look on its features and then I will give you a brief overview of this private server.You will get Gems100000000You will get Gold100000000You will get Elixir100000000You will get Dark Elixir100000000You will get TroopsUnlimitedClan warsAvailableCustom CommandsAvailableClanYou can create or JoinServersFast & SecureBuilding Time0 Sec

 Please Allow the following Permissions to Null’s Apk

  • To open network sockets.
  • To access networks.
  • To manage the Wi-Fi connection.
  • To write on external storage.
  • To read external storage.
  • To access location.

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Null Private Server APK {No Root Needed} Latest Update 2019:

In Null’s Private server you don’t need a rooted device mostly I have seen coc private server needs a rooted device for the installation of the Apk but this is the feature of this apk that it doe not required rooted device so you can enjoy playing the game on the non-rooted device.

 Download Latest Clash of Null Apk: 

In the latest Null apk following changes has been made:

  • New levels of troops.
  • Fixed some bugs.
  • Added the command / m, which allows you to write a message to a certain player.
  • You can find command list at the end of the article.

So Download the Latest and improved version now

 Download Clash of Null ( Updated )

⇒ Learn how to download and install Apk file on your mobile Click Here

Overview of Clash of Null Private Server.

Null’s Private server comes in the list of the top clash of clans private servers it is available for Android and iOS users even desktop users can play using Bluestacks.

you will get unlimited resources after installing the game, you will get unlimited Gold, Elixir and Dark Elixir. Null private server work exactly in the same way as original Coc game work but on the different Private server and with unlimited everything.

You will get Unlimited Everything automatically after installing the game so you don’t have to do anything to get the resources clash of null is totally free and Gold and Elixir hack is also free in this apk.

Clash of Null Commands:

Following are the Null’s command with their rolls you can use these commands according to need.

  • /clean – reset your base
  • /asp – attack yourself
  • /max – add gold & Elixir
  • /full – upgrade all buildings to max level
  • /cct – remove all spells and units
  • /m <tag> <message> – private message to player
  • /stats – server statistics
  • /vk – get VKID of your account
  • /hero <name> <lvl>- set hero level

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 If you like this article about the clash Null don’t forget to share it with your friends.

Happy Playing !!!DisclaimerPlease note that this article is for education purpose any kind of misuse of any private server is not responsible.These servers are developed by the third party and not linked with a supercell.

Android is one of the most popular mobile OS around the world. About 72% of all of the smart phones out there runs on Android OS and there are several reasons for that too. Android is an open-source softwre and there are so many customization options available in Android which you can configure according to your needs. If you are also using Android device then you might have some games on it too. There are thousands of games and apps are being launched for Android every day considering the number of users around the world.

Out of them only some games gets good popularity around the world and which are fun to play too. Games like Subway Surfers have got huge popularity around the world and the developers of this game have launched it for other mobile OS as well. If you haven’t played this game before, then you should try playing it once and we bet you will fall in love with this game. Subway Surfers is basically an endless running game which is developed by Kiloo and it have got more than 500 million downloads only on Google Play Store.

Download Subway Surfers Mod Apk V1.99.0 Latest Version (Unlimited Keys/Coins)

Undoubtedly Subway Surfers is a fun to play game in which you have to escape the Inspector and his dog. Moreover you have to grab gold coins out of the air and you also need to dodge collisions with railway cars and other objects in your path. These few things makes it hard for a newbie to run for long time. But don’t worry as there is one solution to this problem available over the internet, and that is Subway Surfers MOD Apk. You can download Subway Surfers MOD latest version APK for Android devices and enjoy this game without any restrictions. All of the the locked features will comes unlocked in this MOD version of Subway Surfers and you can just start playing it like a pro. Here in this post we will tell you about this Subway Surfers APK MOD which you can download right from this post as well.

Latest Subway Surfers MOD Android Features

  • Subway Surfers has really amazing and high quality colorful and vivid HD graphics which makes it look good on all devices.
  • Latest Version of Subway Surfers game will take you a whole new beautiful Iceland tour.
  • There are some hidden Easter eggs in latest Subway Surfers games for Android which you can find while playing games.
  • Subway Surfers has some really lightning fast swipe acrobatics so you will get good response while playing.
  • You can also challenge and help your friends in this game and connect your social media accounts.
  • There is Weekly Hunt prizes available in the latest version which you can claim by participating in it.
  • Subway Surfers mega MOD APK have everything unlocked, so you can play with any board or character you want.

Subway Surfers MOD APK File Information

App NameSubway Surfers MOD APK
File Size81.6 MB
Latest Versionv1.99.0
Operating SystemAndroid 4.1 and Above
Updated OnFebruary 7, 2019

Download Subway Surfers Mod Apk Latest Version

Now you know much about the Subway Surfers game and the MOD version of it. So its time to provide you link from where you can download Subway Surfers APK MOD. Do note that there are many websites out there which are provding Subway Surfers APK MOD free download links, but some of them are older version APKs. Below we have mentioned link to download Subway Surfers MOD APK new version. Which is Subway Surfers 1.99.0 MOD APK unlimited coins and as soon as we find new version of it, we will update the download link.

Download Mod Apk


There are many people out there who are also searching for Subway Surfers MOD APK iOS, but there is nothing like that available right now. If a website is providing such APK, then it is fake and we will recommend you not to download it. TechyList provides all original APKs on this blog which are safe to use and even this Subway Surfers hack 2018 is completely safe. It is very easy to install APK file manually, but if you don’t know how to do it, then you can follow the steps mentioned below.

  • First of all uninstall any installed Subway Surfers game from your android phone if you have installed it.
  • Now simply click on above download button and download the latest Subway Surfers MOD APK file.
  • Now go to your downloads folder and locate the downloaded file.
  • Simply click on it and tap on Install.
  • You have to enable Unknown Sources option from Android settings menu before doing this.
  • Now wait for the installation process to complete.
  • Once it is done, you can find Subway Surfers unlimited keys APK icon on your home screen.
  • Just tap on it and start playing game without any restrictions.

A chase was never so exciting like that until I played Subway Surfers. Just a chase between the Inspector and the naughty girls, the boy is enough for Kiloo Games to bring us a great game. Needless to say much about this game. Subway Surfers can be considered one of the best “endless running game” in mobile gaming history. An easy way to talk about this game is when it has a gameplay style similar to Temple Run, but impressive graphics and a host of special features make your experience more enjoyable in a variety of ways.

A chase on the rails

Unlike other endless-run games, Subway Surfers has an interesting storyline. One day, Jake – a naughty boy graffiti painted on the train car. However, he is unlucky. The ferocious Inspector discovered him and chased him with a baton in his hand. The inspector was not friendly, determined to catch him to teach him a lesson. Since then the chase has started…


The gameplay of Subway Surfers is not complicated. You have to run nonstop along the railroad tracks, constantly moving forward, skilfully avoiding obstacles on the rails and oncoming trains. You can control Jake to jump (swipe up), roll (swipe down) and turn left or right (swipe left or right).

The first time, you will think that this game has no depth, only a repetitive play. However, you will have to think again after playing this game. After playing once, you will definitely want to play next time so that you do not make the same mistakes. Soon, you will fall in “love” with Subway Surfers. Increasingly, the game will speed up causing you to have more difficulty controlling the character. Your reflexes and finesse will help you win this game. Once you reach the record score, the system will save and you can compete on the chart with your friends. Tell them who is the best in Subway Surfer!

Support items

During the game, many support items will appear. They are:

  • Jetpack: Help Jake temporarily fly up and collect coins in the sky for a period of time. You will not encounter any obstacles during this time.
  • Coin Magnet: Magnets help you suck the coins around without directly picking it up.
  • Sneakers: Run faster and jump higher. However, you must be careful because the jump is too easy to collide with other obstacles.
  • Multiplier: Gain more points.
  • Hoverboard: Thing that helps you move smoother. In particular, during your use, your character will be protected from fall, obstacle collisions for 30 seconds. Take advantage of this feature to have a better chance of surviving.

You can use coins to upgrade the effect of the items. Also, do not forget to collect mysterious chests to get the key or a large number of coins.

Many funny characters

Your main goal when playing Subway Surfers is to collect as many coins as possible to unlock the characters. The first character to accompany you is Jake. You can immediately unlock Dino dinosaurs free of charge after logging in to your facebook account, and you will also receive additional coins and keys. Some of the characters you can not unlock with coins, you have to open mysterious chests, then pick up special items in a lucky way. For example, to unlock Fresh, you have to spend 50 radio. Trust me! After unlocking the fun girls and boys, you will feel very happy.

Travel to major cities around the world

Subway Surfers is carefully curated in terms of graphics. The design of the game is based on a very beautiful 3D platform, real. Bright, colorful background gives endless inspiration to the players. In particular, after an update, the entire game from the character, hoverboard, and landscape is changed to a festival in a city around the world. You will be introduced to the culture of many different countries, traveling on your phone.

It’s time to download Subway Surfers

Undeniably Subway Surfers is one of the “endless run” games that have reached record numbers of players around the world. That is enough to say the appeal of this game. You can download the game via the links below the article. Remember, never stumble!

Murder mysteries have always been amusing and regardless of our age, we all have once had the dream of being the superb cop with all the right skills who will put together all the possible clues available from the crime scene and come out and exposes the actual killer and restore justice. There are a lot of movies made on this concept but they are just restricted to the big screens. It is the gaming android apps which will provide you with the chance to actually love the dream and being the honest cop.

When it comes to such apps, nothing matches the popularity of the Criminal Case. Once an extremely popular crime solving game on the personal computers has now been perfectly transformed into a modern say android gaming app which will allow the user to actually step into the shoes of a detective and perform a careful examination of the crime scene to come up with the perspective clues and eventually find the actual killer in time.

If you think that you have what it takes to be a class one detective then this is the game which you need to download immediately. The game without wasting any time takes you to the crime scene you have to use your conscious eye in order to come up with the right evidence that will be helpful and finally the gamer has to gather all the collected evidence and relate it to all the perspective suspects and finally come up with the ultimate killer and restore peace. But all of this has to be done within time else the murderer might get away with the crime committed.

We will provide the user with the basic features and gameplay of the Criminal Case Mod Apk with the important requirements for using the mod apk. Then we will share the download link that will take you to the latest functioning version of the game.

Features of the Criminal Case Game:

  • When it comes to android apps the basic problem with them is that they tend to make the user bored because of the continuous repeated usage or limited availability of content. The makers ensured that the game does not fall in this category and this is exactly why they developed around more that hundred different crime scene that will keep you engaged and hooked on to the game.
  • The fun and excitement of playing any game increases by another level when the gamer is provided to play with the friends. This adds a competitive edge to the game and the makers being completely aware of the fact ensured that the gameplay is designed to allow the gamer to enjoy the game along with the friends. All of this ensures immense popularity for the game. With this healthy competition, you can become the best detective out there.
  • The makers also introduced the concept where the gamer gets to interrogate all the perspective suspects in an attempt to hear their story and match with all the available evidences. The game let’s you entirely step into the world of a detective by allowing you to actually be a part of the entire journey. The statement made by the suspects will eventually help you in solving the case. The gameplay is designed to be as realistic as possible to create an entertaining experience.
  • The entire game is available for absolutely free of cost. The gamer can use almost all the features without paying anything extra but there are certain additional features designed by the makers to increase the user’s gaming experience and these additional features can be purchased by the user by paying a small additional fee in exchange. If you like to have an wholesome gaming experience, then you should definitely go for the added features.
  • The game gets as realistic as possible because the makers introduced a forensic section where the experts will share the details of the autopsy which will help you connect the evidence in a better way. All you have to do is collect all the details and then finally come up with the real killer and put him/ her behind the bars and restore justice and peace.

What’s More in The Criminal Case Mod Apk?

With the Criminal Case Mod Apk, the user gets two advantages in the form of unlimited energy which will help you solve more cases and climb up the ladder faster and the assurance of getting maximum possible clues which will reduce the time taken to solve the cases ultimately leading to the more cases being solved and a higher ranking. This eventually makes the mod apk a far better choice than the basic version.

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Criminal Case Mod Apk File Information:

App NameCriminal Case
File Size65.1 MB
Latest Versionv2.26
Operating SystemAndroid 4.0.3 and Above
DeveloperPretty Simple
Last Updated OnFebruary 12, 2019

How To Download & Install Criminal Case Mod Apk?

  • Click on the download link that is provided below and this will lead to a warning text about downloading the game as shown below:
  • Click on OK and that will immediately start the downloading process.
  • Once the download process is completed, the user will be directed to the installation page.
  • Click on Install and this will eventually lead to the android device completing the entire installation process.

Criminal Case – the #1 free hidden object game! Are you ready to solve murder cases?
Download now and discover who killed Rosa Wolf…

Join the Police of Grimsborough to solve a series of murder cases in this captivating hidden object, adventure game. Investigate crime scenes for clues, bring the suspects in for questioning and analyze evidence to catch the killers. Are you ready to prove your detective skills?

• Investigate crime scenes in a grim and corrupt city
• Play with your friends to be the best detective ever
• Examine clues and analyze samples to look for evidence
• Interrogate witnesses and suspects
• Bring the killer to justice

PLEASE NOTE – Criminal Case is completely free to play, however some game items can also be purchased for real money. If you don’t want to use this feature, please disable in-app purchases in your device’s settings.

Under our Terms of Use and Privacy Policy, you must be at least 13 years old to play or download Criminal Case.