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Google Translate Latest Version 5.23.1

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The user interface of the app is designed as simple as possible. The simple user interface allows users to use the translation app easily even though they are in hurry. Apparently, the user interface of the tool is not much of a different compared to the web version. It comes with two languages options, which are the original language and target language. Users simply need to type what they want to translate and the translation suggestions will appear bellow it.

Some languages have unique font that users might not have in their keypad. Therefore, Google Translate for Android facilitates this need by including camera supports. This feature allows user to capture writing form in any languages and translate it immediately. The same goes for handwriting features. Users will be able to scribble foreign language. The application will give some suggestions of the scribble and translate it for them.

If users wish to translate people from their speech, all they need to do is using conversation mode. Activating this mode allows them to translate directly what people are saying. Conversation mode allows people to communicate easily. It can be used for casual for formal occasions. This translation app offers up to 103 languages.


  • The features improve its utility.
  • It can be used in offline mode.
  • The app allows user to save the translations.


  • The camera mode only supports 37 languages.
  • Conversation mode only supports 32 languages.
  • The handwriting feature only supports 93 languages.

How to Use the App

The user interface is designed for easy use. Before users are able to translate, they will need to select the language they want to translate. If users are not sure about the language, they can select detect language instead. This default option will detect the language used. After that, users also need to choose the target language as well. The final step is to type the phrase users wish to translate. The app will translate it as users type it down. Some suggestions will appear as alternative translations.

Tap on the camera icon to activate camera modes. Snap any written phrase to translate it. The microphone icon will activate conversation modes. Speak clearly on the microphone and the app will translate it right away. The handwriting feature is available next to the microphone icon. Scribe the phrase and the application will automatically detect it.


  • Improved offline translations with upgraded language downloads

Google Translate is the official Google translation app, and it lets you translate between more than 100 languages. It does make use of online services, but even if you’re without Internet access, the app can still translate between more than 50 languages. The simplest way to use the app is to type or copy text into its textbox. Select a destination language, and poof, you’ll have your conversion in seconds.

There are other ways to use the app for many of the languages supported. For 29 languages, you can, for instance, simply take a picture from your phone and have the app translate from that. This is quite useful for signage when walking or driving. There’s also a conversation mode for two-way instant translation, a handwriting mode that lets you draw characters and a phrasebook that lets you favorite and save translations. The phrasebook can be a great resource while travelling.

You can set Google Translate to output via speech in addition or instead of text. There’s a censor option that makes the app safe for children. You can set the default language for the app, and in certain configurations, it’s possible to download languages in order to have access to them offline.

Google Translate is one of the most sophisticated programs of its kind, so it’s probably not fair to criticize it for imprecise translations. That’s the truth from a practical standpoint, however, and it limits how we might use this app. Nevertheless, when you need to translate a word or sentence or get the gist of longer prose fast, no apps provide that service better than this one.


  • Official Google Translate app
  • Translate between more than 100 languages
  • Supports more than 50 languages without Internet


  • Translations aren’t perfect

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